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Web Engineering Course - Bilingual [ Tamil & English ]

What do I teach in this workshop?

Experience Web Engineering and Progressive Development like never before. Learn what the Software Industry in 2021 demands. This 30 Day journey will teach you the depth of the role of Web Engineering in Realtime applications,progressive applications and the security infrastructure involved with it. Master and Get practically trained with top notch techinquies in this field

A Live project involved. Certificates are provided.

  • Course Duration: 30 Days
  • Course Starting Date: 26 November 2021
  • Hours per day: 3 hours per day

The course teaches you about

  • Learn frontend UI development from scratch  to  create dynamic websites,  layouts, and web applications
  • Skills you acquire: HTML, CSS /SCSS - acquire deep knowledge in Bootstrap 5, practical CSS, jQuery & JavaScript
  • Learn backend UI with PHP, MongoDB
  • PHP Multiprocessing & PHP workers
  • API Development and Ajax Techniques.

Course Fees & Registration Details

Course Price  :   ₹4,500/- 

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Outcomes of the learning

  • Be able to understand the concepts, principles and methods of Web    engineering.
  • You can work independently as a freelancer
  • You'll get high-paying jobs
  • Full stack engineering
  • It helps you become a better problem-solver
  • Grasping the Web development tools.

Who Can Attend?

  • Anyone who wants to explore web engineering & development.
  • Anyone who has prior experience with development & programming.
  • Anyone with functional understanding of front-end & backend development.

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