Upcoming Workshops

Programming Sockets & Realtime Message Queues - A Free One Day Workshop

What do I teach in this workshop?

In Python, Learn how to create and manage sockets in servers that can communicate with multiple clients. Also learn how systems like AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol), MQTT functions and handle Realtime data as packets of messages. It is implemented in Uber, Ola like tracking multiple cars and plotting them as they move, live notifications in Facebook etc.

What will you learn

  • Create and manage sockets
  • Setup a Message Queueing server
  • Learn the efficiency of MQ servers
  • Socket security principals

Who can join ?

  • Anyone with an interest towards programming.
  • Anyone who want to upgrade their career.
  • Anyone with basic working knowledge of Python.
  • If you don’t know python, knowing fundamentals of any other programming language is enough.