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Sharing my experience and wisdom about hacking in Tamil

I have reached an impasse in my growth, and I cannot move further without lifting my community up. I want to teach everything that I know to everyone interested, and I want to make a technically strong community. I am ready to teach. Are you ready to learn?

Explore an alternate dimension of Hacking

Learn what other hacking courses never teach you

Every hacking course will teach you how to use tools. It is awesome to use tools and learn the concepts. But you won't get past the stage of a Script Kiddie. So what do you want to know to step up forward? It is the elite programming skills, which teaches you the thought process of a hacker, which can help you break or build anything. I am teaching what it takes to be an elite programmer and in-turn use your programming skills to hack. If you rely on tools, tools will get outdated, vulnerabilities will get outdated. Learn how to see the bigger picture of the system, and hack it form the inside, without relying much on the tools.

What you will learn

More than you think!

A lot of tutorials teach you tools to hack and tell you that Kali is a hacking OS. This is like telling Sun rises in the east!! You need to think more, and I am going to teach more. The deeper concepts of hard core hacking, to understand each and every vein and nerve of the computers.

See the bigger picture

Everywhere you see, they just tell you the tools and its workings. But when time runs out, tools gets outdated and so does your skills with the tools. But what if you can learn more than just the tools, what if you can learn how to make tools and exploits?

Vulnerabilities & Exploits

People always find vulnerabilities using automated scanners. But just think, they are things already done by someone else. What did you do new? I am teaching what vulnerabilities are, how to identify them and how to exploit them. This way you will get into the real world of hacking.

The theory of everything

Computer science means, an OS, networks, apps in networks, servers, databases, programming, hacking etc. If you want to hack a computer, you must know it all. I am teaching it all, and I am teaching how to hack it all. Redefine what you know as hacking.

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